Thea joined Single Homeless Project in the midst of the pandemic as a Trainee Project Worker at the Britannia Hotel in Camden. The Britannia was one of the hotels opened up to keep homeless people safe from Covid-19, as part of the ‘Everyone In’ campaign.

Thea had no previous experience in the homelessness sector and in an very high-pressured environment. Thea rose to this challenge and immediately got stuck into the job, working tirelessly to support the 107 people staying in the hotel. “I had to learn on my feet and felt like I learnt something new every single day I was there.”

Although new to the job, Thea proved time after time to be a real team player and an absolute trooper in some very challenging and difficult times. She was not afraid to get her hands dirty and is amazing with staff and clients alike. Thea is a real gem who will go far. We really need another ten of her!

Thea’s immediate priority was the safety and wellbeing of residents, especially as Covid-19 presented a heightened risk to them due to long-term physical health conditions or compromised immune systems. She was struck by the wide range of needs the residents had, such as mental health issues, drug and alcohol addiction, as well as poor health.

In response to these needs, Thea and the wider team worked closely with nurses, addiction workers, mental health professionals and even dentists in order to help residents put themselves in the best possible situation to move on to permanent accommodation. 

In addition to ensuring residents had access to the necessary healthcare and practical support, Thea stressed the importance of simply being there for people as someone to talk to – “a lot of people just want to know that you’re hearing them.

I would sometimes come out feeling upset or shaken by what had happened that day. But it was also incredibly rewarding, especially seeing residents accomplish their goals and take steps towards independence.

Thea is hugely grateful for her team, who have been incredibly supportive and encouraging over the past year.

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