London is in the grip of a homelessness crisis  - and together we can do something about it. Choosing SHP as a Charity of The Year partner means you can help us provide long-term support for Londoners who have been trapped in the vicious cycle of homelessness, as well as intervening to help those who are facing crisis situations and are at risk of becoming homeless.

Your support means that more people can be lifted out of homelessness for good.

How does the partnership work?

  1. We will meet you to discuss the ways you would like to support us and input ideas.
  2. We can organise 'lunch and learn' sessions and other open days in your office to drive engagement, so that staff can better understand how we support homeless people.
  3. We will help you set an achievable fundraising target and develop the programme of engagement for each year of the partnership.

By becoming a partner, you will receive:

  1. Full access to the many group and individual volunteering opportunities on offer at SHP
  2. Places in our selection of challenge events
  3. Dedicated support for employee fundraising
  4. Regular updates regarding your fundraising progress, including annual impact reports
  5. Invitation to in-year awareness raising events organised for and with the homeless people we support
  6. Regular promotion via SHP’s social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) and website. All marketing  and communications materials produced for the programme you are supporting will recognise your support. 

Your donation will make a real difference

Lifting people out of homelessness requires much more than providing them with a bed and a meal for the night. Each year, Single Homeless Project must raise over £1 million to continue running vital specialist services providing wellbeing, psychotherapy and employability support, so that people can leave the streets behind for good. 

We would like to ask you to consider matching your staff fundraising which is the most impactful way of helping us and the homeless people we support.

Making your donations tax-efficient

Giving to Single Homeless Project means that you can receive tax relief by deducting the amount donated from pre-tax profits at the end of the financial year.

For more information, please contact our Head of Fundraising Agata Elliott on 0203 6956717.