How we work with staff

To achieve our mission, it’s essential that our staff feel valued and empowered and are given the training and support they need to deliver the best results for our clients.  This means creating a culture in which staff are supported, trusted and listened to, and in which creativity and new ideas are encouraged. 

In particular, we value the perspectives of frontline staff who are often best placed to understand client need. Many of our managers are themselves former support workers (even our Chief Executive, Liz Rutherfoord, began her career as a trainee hostel worker at SHP in the 1980's) and we strive to develop services in a responsive and flexible way which draws on the energy, commitment and expertise of our people.

We’re committed to continuously improving workforce engagement at SHP, giving staff a role in shaping services and a say in how the wider organization is run. We use a variety of tools – including staff newsletters, an intranet, staff surveys, consultations, in-team discussions and staff conferences – to keep staff informed and to capture their views on the organisation and its work.

SHP is also committed to equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity in all our services and workplaces.