Single Homeless Project was founded by a group of homeless people in the mid-1970s. Today, 40 years on, we still try to look at the world through our clients’ eyes.

That means putting the needs and viewpoints of the people we work with at the centre of everything we do, from how we design services to how we interact with service users.

Many homeless, vulnerable or socially excluded people have experienced trauma and this can lead to difficulties interacting with people and engaging with services. Our approach is based on working with people to meet their emotional and psychological needs as well as their practical needs.

We look beyond the immediate problems our clients present with and try to work with the whole person, encouraging each individual to believe in themselves and what they can achieve. Our approach is based on the conviction that, no matter what challenges they face, everyone we work with has the capacity to take control of their lives and to shape their own future.

All of our work depends on developing constructive relationships with clients based on trust, mutual respect and dignity. We also celebrate the creativity of the people we work with, providing opportunities for people to express themselves and have their voices heard.