For many clients, a home and a job are the ultimate goal.

One of the key aims of our work is to support as many clients as possible to reach a stage where they can end their dependence on services and move on with their lives, to realise their aspirations and shape their own futures.

By the end of our current business plan cycle (2016-18) we will have supported more than 1,200 people in this way, assisting 540 people into employment and 690 into private rented sector (PRS) accommodation.

By 2018 we will have supported 540 people into employment and 690 people into sustainable accommodation.

Building on these successes, we are working to join up the strands of our ETE and PRS access work in an integrated ‘Home and a Job’ programme.

Because the challenges of finding a home and job are interlinked, it is crucial to support clients to achieve secure and sustainable employment and accommodation outcomes in tandem. 

We continue to build capacity in terms of engaging with landlords, employers and training providers, with the aim of making access available to every client who is ready to move on.