To those that don’t know me, I'm a butch lesbian, usually quite dapper with very short hair. So am totally out of my comfort zone.

This started as a joke with friends as my hair grew & turned into a fundraiser for SHP, who I work for, to buy essentials for CV-19.

It quickly became more than that, as I’ve created personas & made videos, worn wigs, anything really just to have some fun & hopefully cheer everyone up. I’m even modelling to requests 🤣 

Whatever you can give will help SHP to support the most vulnerable & as part of the London Homeless Coalition we can try & end homelessness for good. CV19 proved we could get most rough sleepers off the streets - let’s make that permanent!

The people we work with already have underlying mental & physical health problems. Keeping them isolated & safe is getting harder. We have moved our attention from the essentials to buying tablets & smart phones to help them stay in touch with loved ones, their support worker & other agencies plus access work & online courses or just watch films & play games.

For those rough sleepers that have nothing when they come into the hotels we are manning, we are buying towels, toiletries, pants, socks, clothing.

Please donate today and it will go towards out Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

If you would like to donate toiletries, towels, underwear & anything else or just talk about how you can get involved please contact [email protected]

Tara Carty