Our Fuchsia programme works with clients to build their confidence and self-esteem, and gain new skills in order to support them to move into employment.

Developed by SHP, the programme does this by providing clients with an opportunity for self-reflection and learning, enabling them to recognise their own skills as well as identifying areas of themselves that may need development.

Delivered via a series of engaging and interactive group work sessions, the programme also promotes peer support, giving clients a chance to make new social connections both inside and out their community.

Fuchsia is a structured programme with four-day sessions every week for three weeks. This provide an invaluable structure of routine and activity outside hostels and treatment for our clients.

Each week focuses on a different topic: Wellbeing, Personal Development and Exploring ETE. The last few sessions are particularly key in helping clients to continue progressing, supporting them to broaden their horizons and promote different types of opportunities to them.

The programme is flexible and is adapted by all our services for their respective clients and their needs; from substance misuse or mental health issues to offending history.

I thought that at worst it would get me out of the house, but it did more than that – it was a revelation

Trapped in an abusive and violent relationship, Bee turned to alcohol and struggled with depression. With encouragement from SHP, Bee rediscovered her passion for music and art, and also accessed therapy.

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