I did lots of volunteering before I came in, but this was just to fill some time up. This felt like something different – like it was actually leading somewhere. It was like, alright, you are not getting paid but you are going somewhere. Every single time I did something for FLIC I was gaining skills, confidence. Even though that was not my motivation to do it, I was moving forward every time.

During the programme, I had structure to follow, I was learning again and my confidence grew. It changed my whole motivation and attitude. It is a fantastic environment where you can be open and honest. We had supervision and reflective practice with the manager of the programme - I have just met so many wonderful people. 

I have volunteered for different organisations before - but there was a unique way of doing things. It was very relaxed, friendly, and informal - but, at the same time, so informative, well planned, and supportive. I really grew because all the conditions in which I worked were really positive so it has been a very, very good experience. I didn’t want to leave at the end of it!  

I was volunteering three or four days a week - but I wanted to do something more structured, so I applied for the Peer Mentor role. One of the reasons was to see if it was the sort of sector I could see myself working in and obviously it was a huge tick all-round. I worked out it was for me - now here I am and I am happy