Fulfilling Lives in Islington and Camden

The Coronavirus poses particular risk to our clients who are already vulnerable and disadvantaged. During these unprecedented times we're working hard to continue to support our clients and protect their safety. If you are concerned about the welfare of any of our clients, or would like to speak to the team, please email [email protected] 

Fulfilling Lives in Islington and Camden (FLIC) supports people facing multiple disadvantage relating to drug and alcohol use, homelessness, offending and mental ill health, to build more positive and fulfilling futures.

We work in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies across both boroughs to improve services for people with multiple needs and drive systemic change, influencing how services are designed and delivered.

The majority of people FLIC works with have long histories of untreated mental health issues, often rooted in past trauma and in many cases going back to early life and childhood.

There is growing evidence that FLIC clients, who have complex psychological and emotional needs, face major challenges in accessing appropriate and effective support through existing mainstream services, including statutory community mental health and counselling services. As a result, their psychological needs remain unmet, resulting in coping strategies that are often seen as counter-productive and detrimental to their long-term wellbeing.

These mental health issues are often accompanied by substance misuse – often described as a 'dual diagnosis' - which can lead to clients being excluded from service admission criteria or finding themselves stuck in a ‘revolving door’ of care. Cycles of offending may further compound the problem. Many of our clients remain undiagnosed or are not regarded as meeting the threshold for a diagnosis of enduring mental illness.

To address our clients' unmet mental health needs, FLIC’S in-house psychologist is providing both 1-1 support and group therapeutic interventions.  This has enabled clients to better access services, maintain accommodation, and live more fulfilling lives, demonstrating that highly specialised support is effective with people with complex needs.

Clinical Practise

Through flexible psychological interventions tailored to their individual needs, FLIC clients are beginning to have their mental health needs met, often for the first time.

Community of Practise

FLIC’s ’Access to Psychological Therapies’ Community of Practise (CoP) provides peer support and shared learning for therapeutic and psychological practitioners from the Fulfilling Lives programmes in Nottingham, Brighton, Eastbourne, Hove, Camden & Islington, whilst making the case for therapeutic interventions for people with experience of multiple disadvantage. The CoP is developing an evaluation framework to evidence the impact of psychological therapies on people experiencing multiple disadvantage.

Dual Diagnosis Demonstration Pilot

In early 2019 FLIC launched a Demonstration Pilot in partnership with Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust. The pilot will aim to tackle the challenges of supporting people with a dual diagnosis - that is, who are experiencing both mental ill health and substance misuse, and who have frequent presentations to hospital Accident & Emergency Departments. The pilot will be delivered at University College of London Hospital (UCLH) where a mental health practitioner will work with ‘frequent attenders’ at UCLH’s psychiatric liaison service to address their vulnerabilities, coordinate community-based support and reduce crisis presentations.