Thank you to everyone who took part in the recent Staff Survey - 67 per cent of you responded, which is a good basis for understanding where SHP is at and how to continue to improve in investing in our people.

While we won’t have a full picture until the New Year, we’re pleased to say the preliminary survey results are showing a trend of improvement across many of the key areas we asked staff for their views on.

The survey was structured into nine areas of people management: Leading and Inspiring People, Living the Organisation’s Values and Behaviours, Empowering and Involving People, Managing Performance, Recognizing and Rewarding High Performance, Structuring Work, Building Capability, Delivering Continuous Improvement, Creating Sustainable Success.

The results were more positive in eight out of nine of these categories than when the survey was last completed in 2017. The biggest positive increases were in the areas of Building Capability (i.e. Supporting Learning and Development and Recruiting People fairly and effectively) and Recognising and Rewarding High Performance.

We look forward to sharing the full results and key issues emerging once we have this in the New Year.