Our client engagement programme actively involves clients and peer mentors in a range of forums and activities designed to give them a voice, capture their expertise and ensure that their perspectives are at the forefront of FLIC's planning and delivery.

The FLIC Advisory Board (FAB) has been set up to ensure that people with first hand experience of living with complex needs have a voice in the development of FLIC. To provide varied opportunities for engagement with the Board we are rolling out a menu of regular activities including a Well Space group, Mindfulness group, Holistic therapies, and Creative groups.

We also involve clients in the formulation of our policy and procedures - for example, clients have actively contributed to the development of our FLIC Behaviour Policy, which sets out how FLIC can respond to negative or inappropriate behaviour fairly and responsibly. A working group comprised of staff, mentors and clients is exploring the barriers to accessing support at FLIC and how to ensure the sustainability of that access for all.

"My confidence is improving. I can talk how I want to now. Before, I was too scared to say anything." - Fred 

We are also developing ways in which we can support better engagement for women. Some of our female clients have identified particular barriers to engagement, such as feeling increased anxiety in group settings, and we are developing solutions, including a women’s group.

Creative projects


We've made a series of films with our clients in which they talk about their lives, working with our service and their hopes for the future. We work with clients collaboratively to 'co-author' the films to ensure their story is told how they intended. We are currently developing a film with women who have experience of domestic/sexual violence and abuse and the professionals who support them.


The Ice and Fire theatre group worked with FLIC clients to develop a live theatrical production based on their stories. The performances captured the first-hand testimony of FLIC clients in their own words and brought it to life onstage with professional actors for Multiple Disadvantage Day 2019. The production was an awareness raising and influencing tool to engage key stakeholders in the work of FLIC, including commissioners and practitioners.