96% increase in energy bills in just 12 months

Compared to last winter energy bills for UK households will be 96% higher. This is despite the recent price guarantee announced by the UK Government. Believe it or not, energy bills the price cap last year was just £1,179.

For many households, buying a new kettle, and receiving the £400 rebate just won't be enough. We will see more people pushed from ‘just about coping’ into ‘survival mode and many forced into homelessness. 

Our homelessness prevention teams are doing everything they can to help people stay in their own homes. 

What is #DonateTheRebate all about?

The Government is giving a £400 grant to every household to help pay their energy bills which you do not have to repay. This means that if you have more than one home, you'll receive several rebates. 

#DonateTheRebate asks people who can, to donate some or all of their rebate to UK charities helping people get through the energy crisis. 

And if you are a UK taxpayer you can make you rebate go every further. With Gift Aid, your donated rebate will turn into £500 - which can pay for someone's energy bills for the whole of winter.

How you can donate your energy rebate? Top up the meter for a someone on the brink of homelessness

Top up the meter for a someone on the brink of homelessness

We've set up an emergency fund with an aim to support our 500 most vulnerable clients with a £100 energy top up. 100% of every donation will go straight to this emergency fund.