Our support systems should work for, and include everyone in our society. Yet, this is not the case for hundreds of women with the history of offending and experiencing homelessness in London. The scarcity of the specialist support is truly shocking. In fact, Project Kali that we are asking you to support, is the only service supporting these women to leave homelessness for good. 

Project Kali:

Project Kali, which has been shortlisted for 'Homelessness Project of the year' at the UK Housing Awards, was launched in November 2019  as  a female-focused service for women who experience homelessness and have a history of offending. This is the only project of that kind in London   

 The project operates on the principles of the Housing First model which means that each woman that we support is first offered an independent accommodation and then an intensive, ongoing support. 

This intensive wrap-around support gives them the best chance of gaining independence, sustaining their tenancy, and breaking the cycle of homelessness.  

Project Kali’s aims are:    

  • To ensure women with multiple complex needs, including a history of offending, can access secure housing, enabling them to address their support needs.  
  • To provide a tailored offer of support that caters for women with complex needs and a history of offending.
  • To ensure that learning is shared from this project to further increase the understanding of the issues facing women with multiple complex needs and what support provision needs to be in place to address them. 

Project Kali recognises the importance of addressing needs that can be unique to women facing homelessness. For example, female rough sleepers often have needs associated with domestic abuse, sex working and sexual exploitation, and may experience complex trauma related to their experiences. Of the 15 clients we are currently working with in Project Kali, 80% presented as domestic abuse survivors at referral.  

The issues faced by homeless women have often been overlooked. Services like Project Kali are giving us the chance to address this and I’m really glad to be a part of it.

Does it work?

Traditional models of housing have often failed to break the cycle as underlying causes are left untreated. With Project Kali, things are different and we’ve seen real success. 93% of the women we work with have reduced offending with almost half stopping their offending completely. Every one of our 15 clients in the project has been able to successfully maintain their tenancies. You can read our 2021 mid year update here and our 2019-2020 report here. 

With Project Kali I have the flexibility and time to ask the women what they want and how they want our work together to look like without putting demands on them or having conditions of engagement.  For our clients, this is often the first time they’ve been asked by professionals what they want. It’s so simple but it really works.

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We urgently need to scale up and develop Project Kali so we can reach more women experiencing homelessness and give them the support and opportunities they deserve. 

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