Being a teenager is tough. Being a homeless teenager means you might never achieve your full potential. Meet Alexi – she won’t let anything get in the way of achieving her dreams. 

Alexi was only 16 when her mum passed away and as a result, she became homeless. Single Homeless Project gave her a place to call home and the emotional support she needed to boost her self-belief and fulfil her dreams.  

Now 18, Alexi has just accepted a place at Oxford University and her future is looking bright.  Read her full story here.

People told me that my circumstances would hold me back but that made me more determined to succeed. 

Watch Alexi’s message here 

It wasn't until I came to Single Homeless Project that I finally found stability

We need your help now

Right now, more young people than ever before are being forced into homelessness.  

For the first time, young people now make up 11% of all rough sleepers in London. Many more are sleeping on their mates’ sofas and worried about an uncertain future. They have lost their jobs and homes because of the pandemic and are faced with limited options. 

 Every young person needs a place to call home and the right support and opportunities to flourish. With your support, we can help other young people like Alexi to find their self-belief and fulfil their dreams. `

Help us support young people facing homelessness 

You can find out more about our work with young people here. Every year, we help 400 young people, giving them a place to call home and the right support and opportunities so that they can flourish and achieve their potential.