Fulfilling Lives in Islington and Camden

Fulfilling Lives in Islington & Camden (FLIC) has now closed its doors. However, all of our news, learnings and reports can be found here, and our clients' voices and films can be found here.

FLIC was an eight-year Lottery funded learning programme, designed to support people experiencing multiple disadvantage and affect system change to improve the experience and outcomes for people accessing services.

Too often the voices of people experiencing multiple disadvantage aren't heard. Putting clients at the centre of everything we do was key to our work. Our support service was intensive, trauma-informed and led by the experiences and insights of our clients.

We worked in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies across both boroughs to improve services for people with multiple needs and drive systemic change, influencing how services are designed and delivered.

If you have any questions, please email Lucy Campbell ([email protected]), SHP's head of Multiple Disadvantage Transformation.

FLIC has been operational for eight years between 2015 and 2022. Through a range of projects and interventions funded by The Big Lottery, FLIC was designed to provide intensive, creative, and flexible support for people in Camden and Islington who experience multiple disadvantage to improve their personal and social circumstances. FLIC also operated strategically within and alongside local services and systems to improve accessibility and quality of support provided to people experiencing homelessness, drug and alcohol use, and mental ill health in the area by addressing the barriers that can exist between services and encouraging a more person-centred approach.

The overall programme of work conducted by FLIC over the last eight years is reaching completion. To support a valuable and lasting legacy for this work, FLIC has implemented a series of work strands over the last 18 months, designed to embed the aspects of good practice and learning gleaned from the work conducted to date. The projects included in this programme of work include:

Team Around Me
A structured approach to multi-agency meetings using the TAM tool to enhance the quality of experience and outcomes for people requiring multi-agency support. Find it here.

MARAC Multiple Disadvantage Representative Role
A role dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of MARAC for victim/survivors of DVA who experience homelessness and multiple disadvantage. Find it here.

Case Co-Ordination and Co-Location
Co-location of a Service Coordinator from FLIC within local services to share knowledge and learning to enhance support for people experiencing multiple disadvantage. Find it here.

Islington Multiple Disadvantage Forum (IMDF)
A multi-agency forum designed to improve accessibility to services for people experiencing homelessness, mental ill health, and substance misuse. Find it here.

A toolkit and series of engagement strategies developed to enhance co-production between people with lived experience and local services to enhance the design and delivery of support. Find it here.

Working with Survivors and Perpetrators in Homelessness Settings
Training for practitioners working with survivors and perpetrators in homelessness settings. Find it here.

You can find executive summaries for all of the above here.

The evaluation was conducted by PraxisCollab between November 2021 and April 2022 using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, designed to meet the individual requirements of each strand of work. Download our Methodology document here.