Single Homeless Project is partnering with Pact Coffee, a speciality and ethically sourced coffee company, to help promote our Invisible Coffee initiative.

The Invisible Coffee Co, launched in the spring, offers customers the chance to purchase a coffee with a twist. No actual coffee or beans but instead a purchase that helps Londoners experiencing homelessness to get back on their feet. 

The faux-coffee company was created to shine a light on the capital’s homelessness crisis, focusing on people forced to rough sleep - who often feel forgotten about, ignored, and invisible.

The perfect blend

As well as creating great tasting speciality coffee, Pact Coffee are people-first, committed to both ethical and sustainable practices. They became B-Corp certified over the summer. They are making it their mission to fix the coffee industry, especially the lives of the farmers. Nearly half of coffee growers are living in poverty, which Pact is aiming to change through their work – much like our own mission to support Londoners out of homelessness.

Speaking about the partnership, Will Sowerby from Pact Coffee, said:

“I am truly impressed by what Single Homeless Project does, preventing homelessness and helping those on the streets into a place to call home. The charity’s work is even more important right now as people across the country face an incredibly difficult winter

“With their Invisible Coffee Co, it felt like a natural fit. We hope to make a real difference by expanding the reach of the initiative and the charity’s work. This is just the start of a long and positive relationship!"

Bean promoting

As part of the partnership, Pact will promote our Invisible Coffee beans and merchandise to its current subscribers, alongside its own delicious speciality coffee. Every penny spent on Invisible Coffee beans will go straight to our work supporting Londoners out of homelessness and into a home for good.

Chris Greenfield, Corporate Fundraising Manager at Single Homeless Project, said:

“Invisible Coffee aims to wake Londoners up to the capital’s ongoing homelessness crisis and help raise vital funds for our work.

“It’s a real perk to have Pact on board with us, helping promote Invisible Coffee. It feels like the perfect blend, with their commitment to ethical practices and supporting farmers out of poverty.

“We won’t be procaffeinating – we have big plans on how to take the partnership forward, “Invisible Coffee. It won’t warm you up, but it will warm your heart”.

You’ll hear more about Pact and Invisible Coffee over the coming year. Find out more about their work here.

 The Invisible Coffee Co was created in partnership with CPB London. Find out more about their work here.