's the bad news. We don't actually have a place in the London Marathon 2021.

They are very difficult to get hold off. I mean, not like a 1000-piece puzzle difficult, but probably-harder-than-actually-running-the-thing difficult! I'm sure you've failed in the ballot a few times, so you know what we're talking about!

However, if you do happen to have a place, (you lucky devil!) we have a cheeky question to ask!

Are you interested in running for us?! Joining #TeamSHP? Fundraising to help homeless and vulnerable people in London to transform their lives? 

Come on, you know you want too! You might as well put that place to good use. Put that we’ll be there to support you all the way to the finish line.

As a member of #TeamSHP, you’ll benefit from:

  • Dedicated contact with a member of the SHP fundraising team
  • A high-quality SHP running vest
  • A team of ‘cheerers’ on the day – just for you!
  • Support with training
  • Personalised social media shout outs
  • Fundraising support and guidance

If you already have a place in the 2021 London Marathon through the ballot and would like to join #TeamSHP, please our fundraising team on [email protected]

Sorry, this event is now sold out.