Simon, 22, the youngest member of the team, became homeless in late 2018 after his relationship with his family broke down. Simon had been rough sleeping and staying in a night shelter when he was referred to SHP’s Young People services, which work with young people facing challenges including family breakdown, abuse or domestic violence.

While living in one of SHP’s hostels, on World Records Day in November 2019 Simon leapt into the Guinness World Records by completing 68 jumping jacks in only 30 seconds. Now he is channelling his passion for fitness to help others.

I want to support SHP because they have supported me, and I want to help them keep other clients safe too. I like doing cardio work outs in my garden so I’ve been doing the Circle Challenge by jumping, jogging on the spot and anything else I can think of to complete the distance while staying safe. Having a goal really motivates me. Exercise is really important for me, especially at a time like this when it’s easy to feel lost. It gives me a sense of purpose.”

The funds they raised helped cover the costs of emergency measures such as providing isolation rooms in hostels and protective clothing for staff as they continue to provide a service in difficult conditions.

 “SHP have been brilliant during lockdown. The team call me every other day to check up on me, so I don’t feel isolated. They also deliver food packages to me which has been so helpful because it’s helping me to stay healthy.”
Many of the Circle Challenge participants are engaged in SHP’s Sport and Health programme. This promotes the benefits of physical activity in improving peoples’ physical and mental health, social relationships and overall quality of life. The programme has established in-house gyms at SHP projects, provides accessible aerobics and yoga sessions, bicycle maintenance and ride-out clubs, boxing, football, fishing and table tennis sessions. It also aims to engage older people in physical activity to improve their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as helping extend life expectancy.

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