Four in every five people experiencing homelessness suffer from mental illness. 

Yet all too often, people who are homeless slip through the gaps of mental health services or are denied access to the treatment they desperately need. 

Poor mental health is both a cause and consequences of homelessness and if left untreated we can condemn people to a life on the streets. This isn't right. Our support systems should work for everyone in our society and we urgently need your help to fund our mental health services.

I had lost one of my children in a car accident and didn't know how to cope. My other children couldn't live with me. I needed help. Single Homeless Project has helped me to start addressing my issues and work on myself.  Accessing bereavement counselling and therapy has been so important to help me process what's happened in my life and how I can be on a better path.

Jacqui - Read her full story here

Our team of psychologists and therapists help our clients like Jacqui to transform their lives and break the cycle of homelessness.

With the right support, we can help Londoners like Jacqui break the cycle of homelessness and transform their lives.

Can you help Londoners like Jacqui to leave homelessness behind, for good?

£10 provides psychotherapy support helping to break the cycle of homelessness.

£20 provides  art therapy sessions improving the mental health of our clients

£30 provides for technology enabling our clients to access our online support groups

Fund Mental Health Support for homeless Londoners.