I went through certain things in my life, since I was a young baby. It left me feeling like I was a big bomb and my anger just grew and grew... I was a really angry young person who didn't want anything positive.

Four in every five homeless people suffer from mental illness. Amina was just one of them.

Yet all too often, homeless people slip through the gaps of mental health services, or are denied access to treatment. 

If left untreated, poor mental health – often with roots in childhood trauma – can result in a vicious cycle, condemning vulnerable people to a life on the streets.

With £1bn of funding slashed from homeless services compared to a decade ago, homeless people are more vulnerable than ever.

We urgently need your help to provide essential psychotherapeutic support to people in our hostels.

With the right support, people can break the cycle of homelessness and transform their lives.

Donate now to help them leave homelessness behind, for good.