Fred was street homeless for three years. To keep warm in winter, he took refuge in the bin disposal rooms of East End tower blocks.

“I spent last Christmas sleeping next to the bins in a waste disposal room. I knew I'd be safe in there because my late Dad was a caretaker and I used to go to work with him when I was a boy.”

When we first met Fred he was living on the streets in Newham. Over the next 18 months our support workers helped him through a detox programme and a major operation, supported him to open a bank account and finally helped get him off the streets and into a home of his own.

Now, Fred is starting the new year in his own one-bedroom flat in a supported housing complex.

“I started sleeping rough after I lost my Mum, Sister, Nan and Uncle all in the space of four years. They were all the support I had in the world.

“But in 2018 I’m going to be warm, happy, and in my own place. I’m really looking forward to it!"

Each day across London, we work with people like Fred who would otherwise have nowhere else to turn. 

That means being there at a critical time – to prevent their eviction or help them off the street; to get them into drug or alcohol treatment or support them with their mental health; or to help them find a job and a flat so they can take the first steps toward living on their own.

We want to make 2018 a turning point for even more people. But we urgently need your support.

Help make 2018 a year of hope for homeless and vulnerable people. Donate now – whatever you give will make a difference.