« When my daughter was 15 years old, she was in a coma for four days. To sit by her and see her wake up was the happiest moment in my life. »

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« Art helps because I paint what I can see and it just calms me down. Instead of the voices talking to me, I can just draw and get across my feelings and my imagination. I’m proud of my art. »

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« Robbie Williams’ Angel came onto the radio when I was in jail. It was the last time I saw my kids for over ten years. That song broke my heart then and when I hear it now I think back. »

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« The kitchen is hard, but I didn't let that stop me. I've always had a confidence in the kitchen that I didn't have in other areas of my life. »

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« When he asked me to go out, I said “No, but I’ll consider it if you come back sober". A couple of days later, he did come back, and we did go out. The rest is history. »

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« Recovery is as hard or as easy as you want to make it. Once you’ve made the decision to stop using drugs and move on with your life, you’ve made the first step. »

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« London is always my nemesis – I always find myself going back to the old ways. That’s why I was desperate to put down roots and start a business somewhere else. »

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« Then a friend of mine said to me one night, at a party when I was well jarred, “don’t be coming over here like that anymore.” It was the kick I needed. »

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« People say cannabis doesn’t lead to harder drugs, but it does. It really does. I should be settled down now, with a good job. All of it’s gone because of drugs. »

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« I can run a company, and manage multi-million pound budgets, but I struggle when it comes to managing my life. I can make complex decisions and meet deadlines with a business, but when it comes to me there have been times I could not go ten minutes down the road to go to the gym. Coming out of depression I’ve found that you really have to stop procrastinating and take responsibility for your life. »

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« So many kids are homeless now because their family has kicked them out and cut them off because of their sexuality. I think it is so cruel for a family to do that. »

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« When I thought about my life and the dreams I had, and how it had gone so far away from that, that’s what gave me the kick to change »

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« Every event in life has a meaning, or an end result, and sometimes I can feel that something is coming - I can guess what’s going to happen next. »

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« “I’m in total admiration of everyone here. Walking through that SHP door, your life has changed.” »

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« Nothing comes on a plate. I’ve just spent a solid year working towards this goal and I’m starting to see the fruits of my labour. »

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« Before I came here I didn’t know how to use a computer. It’s an important skill – everything is online now. Benefits, job applications, if you want something you have to use a website. »

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« I haven’t gone begging, haven’t touched a needle - haven’t done a lot of things since the day I moved in here! »

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« I’ve spent a lot of time in the market square, people-watching over a coffee and a shot of Polish vodka. »

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« My advice for others who become homeless is to stay happy. There is a future. At times I just sat there and thought, ‘things can get better,’ that’s what kept me going. »

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« After I started getting this help from homeless charities, I decided that I wanted to work in the sector too. My support worker helped me look for a job, and now I’m an apprentice project worker at a hostel. »

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« I know at times I made it hard for staff to work with me, being wary of the future and reluctant to let go of the past, but they persevered and worked with me at my pace and offered support at every hurdle I encountered. »

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« I sometimes worry I am weak or I am going to be weak. But, I am sober two years, have hope for the future and – most of the time – I am happy. I need to remember to give myself credit more often, to be my own best friend and coach. I am stronger than I think. We all are. »

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« I went to a place to support people who've lost children. People made me feel that because I was so young my pain wasn't worth talking about. That was my lowest point. »

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« The support that you have around you can determine if you achieve or if you fail. The people I have around me, they want me to achieve, they’re pushing me and that’s why I stick to them. »

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