SHP has a number of film-based projects as part of a varied programme of activities designed to promote social inclusion and help people back into work, training and education.

We run a film-making workshop which gives our clients the opportunity to script and create their own films, both with and without professional input.

We also work with professional film-makers to produce documentaries about the lives and journeys of our clients, and to create fictional short dramas to highlight homelessness, substance misuse and other issues affecting vulnerable people.

In addition, we host a weekly cinema at our DHH service, where clients can gather to watch a themed selection of films. Occasionally, the actors themselves pay a visit!

SHP clients tell their stories

This film by Amy Spiteri follows two of our clients as they speak about the experiences that brought them to SHP, and how they came out the other end.

Mongrel Country

(SHP: 2014) 6 mins

A comedy which explores attitudes towards immigration in London. Written entirely by SHP clients and produced in collaboration with professional film makers.

The Recovery Peers

(Alex Emanuel, SHP: 2014) 11 mins

A short documentary about SHP's Recovery Peers and their personal journeys from addiction to recovery and their work inspiring and guiding others.

Twelve Months

(SHP, Catsnake: 2012) 1 min

Featuring 12 moments in an individual journey from homelessness to recovery, the film is both a powerful reminder that Christmas can be a tough time of year, and a joyful celebration of the potential we all have to make a difference. Produced by SHP in association with Catsnake.

Not Suitable For Children

(KK, Sabine Trumpa, Ali Boag: 2011) Black Comedy, 5 mins

A comedy produced by SHP clients. Warning! Black humour.

To Be Frank

(Ali Boag, Sybil Adelaja, Mark Cawson: 2010) 14 mins

A short amateur horror film about haunted offices, written and produced by SHP clients

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