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SHP works with more than 7,000 of London's most excluded people every year.

Some clients arrive at SHP following exclusion from other services - they require support to meet their basic human needs, finding stability and addressing their substance use or offending.

Others are close to independence and SHP helps them take the last few steps - or they are used to independence but need SHP's support with a few issues putting them at risk of homelessness.

We recognise that every single client is entitled to dignity and respect and the best possible support they can get to help them move on in their lives. Rather than tell you about who our clients are and what kind of lives they lead, we've created the If You Ask Me interviews as a way for clients to share their own stories.


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18 May 2017

On Tuesday, residents from SHP’s Redbridge hostels had the opportunity to...

12 April 2017

This week, young people from SHP hostels in Camden and Islington were...


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